Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skirt and Tshirt

Anyone who knows me knows I op shop. The bulk of my wardrobe is second hand stuff, it is my way of recycling.... And saving money. I found this great skirt for about $3, the hem was 1/2 down and it was looking a bit unloved, so I just took the rest of the hem down to leave the grungey overlocked edge exposed, and added an apliqued square I made. LOVE this skirt now, it is one of my faves for sure. I also added another square to a cheap plain black tee to make it more fun, i have added some hot fix bling with my irock, and after a couple of washes they are still hanging in there, I'm impressed!


  1. Very cool! Love those squares, and hmmmm maybe I need to invest in an i-rock :)